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Rush-Henrietta Falcons Youth Training

R-H Falcons Academy Training Curriculum

Our youth training is practical for the beginner to intermediate soccer player. We put emphasis on technical training in this environment but strive to keep the exercises fun for the young players.

Technical skills –
  1. Dribbling
  2. Passing
  3. Receiving
  4. Heading
  5. Striking/shooting/finishing
  6. Tackling


  1. Dribbling - starting with basic touches, foundations, taps or ball touches and sole dribbling. Teaching variations of dribbling within each and every exercise concentrating on helping the player become comfortable with the ball.
  2. passing - standing push pass, 1 touch or wall passes. Again starting with basics and really teaching technique. Is their standing foot next to the ball and pointed at target. Teach them to follow through. Concentrate on improving accuracy, weight and timing of passes.
  3. Receiving - Teach to relax the controlling surface. Technique, get in line of the flight of the ball. Common error is the beginner will just reach. Correct this immediately. Are their eyes on the ball as it is coming in? Are they choosing their best surface to control the ball? Help them learn to select the body surface early. Teach them to make their first touch a positive touch. First touch to control away from pressure. First touch out in front of the body to set up what comes next.
  4. Heading - carefully teach proper form. Make sure the ball contacts the forehead. Are they watching the ball all the way in? Teach them to keep eyes open and their mouth closed. Timing, running, jumping, diving.
  5. Striking - ankle locked, toe down. Are they approaching at an angle? Get their body over the ball. Keep their momentum moving forward. Get them to drive the ball, Ianding on their kicking foot. For finishing teach placement over power when appropriate.
  6. Tackling - they must watch the ball. The tackle should be in close not reaching away. Keep the non-tackling foot close to the ball. Ankle should be locked at moment of contact. Teach (athletes bend knees) a lower center of gravity wins the ball. Their momentum takes them through the ball.